1. How was your devotional time last week? Share your recent personal devotional.

  2. Are you living a pure life? Is everything okay?

  3. Are you praying for the campus?

  4. Complete the Big Six training and/or review the 4 main points of the KGP and the Big Six questions. Make this interactive, do a complete role play on Google Hangouts. It really works. Either have them use their copy of the KGP or read along with you as you share your computer screen: http://crustore.org/downloads/would.pdf  Challenge them to begin sharing once a week on campus.

  5. Explain that initial follow-up happens with pages 11-ff of the KGP. Further one-on-one follow-up can be done using: Life Concepts

  6. Challenge them to Fall Retreat/Summer Missions and Winter Conference/Spring Break options. See Conferences and Retreat section for more information.

  7. Prepare to train in the Satisfied booklet. Next week, have them look at these links and videos for next week:
    Satisfied Booklet
    Sharing the Satisfied Booklet
    Theology of the Satisfied Presentation


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