30 Week Coaching Plan

Week 2


  1. Review any “red flags” from the Starter Kit B this week.

  2. How was your devotional time last week? Which book of the Bible or devotional guide did they settle on? Review the 7 Steps to Improve Your Bible Study. Share your recent personal devotional and use this frequently as a motivation for doing ministry.

  3. Are you living a pure life? Any issues you need to deal with? Once you cover the Satisfied booklet training, you’ll be asking them about this in place of a pure life (one in the same).

  4. Are you praying for the campus? Explore their semester or long term plan for prayer.

  5. Hit the subscribe button for Weekly Tips from Ben Rivera for other ideas:
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  6. Discover the next steps for the campus from Preparing and Planning School Year: 
    On Your Mark, Set, Go!
    Check out the other links under that category above.

  7. Look toward the Fall Retreat or Spring Break opportunities and Winter Conference or Summer Missions. Keep these as an important side-bar items to revisit often: 
    Summer Mission
    See Conferences and Retreat section for more information.


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