30 Week Training and Coaching Schedule Starting in Fall or Spring

Week 1

Your first conversations. Getting it all started.

Week 2

Setting the pace for the semester/term.

Week 3

Settling into a predictable format with your coaching.

Week 4

Proficiency in sharing the Gospel. Preparing to do Follow-up. 

Week 5

Get ready to train in the Satisfied booklet and training to teach solid Bible studies.

Week 6

Begin to Review/Remind/Repeat key concepts for maximum retention, application, and “muscle memory”.

Week 7

Catch up on the first six weeks, keep moving forward. 

Week 8

Keep training to teach solid Bible studies. 

Week 9

Prepare to work on their personal testimonies. 

Week 10

Prepare for the Winter Conference/Summer Missions. Training in Soularium/EveryStudent.com and other tools. 

Week 11

Developing close relationships within the ministry. 


Week 12

Continue planning campus wide evangelistic opportunities. 


Week 13

Confirm leadership for the coming semester/term. 

Week 14

Surviving the Winter and Summer break – coming back to campus strong. 

Week 15

Celebrate the school semester/term. 

Week 16-30

What’s next? Now that you have trained your students in one semester/term of your ministry, it’s your turn to design the next 15 weeks. Here are six important guidelines to consider.  

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