French Fry Fellowship

Antonio Castillo July 16, 2017

Nathan was nervous. He planned to share the gospel with a group of coworkers at his job as a horse wrangler.

How would they react, he wondered. Do they care about spiritual things? Does Jesus even interest them?

Recently, a message from Summer Connect convinced him of the urgency to actively speak to those around him about the Good News.

Every Thursday, Nathan calls his girlfriend Allie to meet. They drive 20 minutes to a nearby McDonalds, the most accessible wifi hotspot. After Nathan ordered his favorite item – Nathan loves french fries – they watch the Summer Connect live stream together.

God has used Summer Connect to nudge Nathan along a journey to make his faith his own. Going into college, Nathan sensed his high school doubts creeping back after disregarding prayer to focus on school work. He plugged into Cru on campus, where he met John, his future mentor.

“John knew that I was spiritually dry and he pushed me to grow,” he says.

John encouraged Nathan to go beyond his comfort zone – setting weekly goals for Nathan despite his already busy schedule. He began spending 20-30 minutes in prayer and private Bible study every day. After school ended, John challenged Nathan to join Summer Connect.

One week, the Summer Connect message covered having a heart for evangelism and it convicted him. Now, Nathan understood the necessity of taking steps of faith in order to share the gospel.

“You cannot serve if you don’t really know what God wants, and Summer Connect helps point you to the Scriptures to find out,” he says.

Despite his nerves, while working in the horse barn, he initiated a spiritual conversation with four coworkers. When Nathan mentioned Jesus’ name, it sparked their interest. They asked questions, rather than shy away. They expressed interest in Christian topics, rather than shun his perspective.

Outside of work, Nathan has taken steps in other areas. Now, he sings worship in church, even though he says he doesn’t have the greatest voice. His favorite song is “Cause of Christ” by Kari Jobe. To him, the song speaks to the importance of serious Christ-following. He can’t stop listening to it, and every Thursday, he has french-fry fellowship.

“The gospel did not merely impact one facet of my life,” he says. “My entire life changed.”

About the Author: Antonio Castillo is a Colorado Operations Summer Mission intern for 2017. He currently studies history at the University of California, Davis. He loves writing, indie music, and Wes Anderson movies.

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