Summer Connect

Summer Connect FAQ

What is the goal of Summer Connect?

The goal of Summer Connect is for you to access resources and encouragement to engage in God’s mission during the summer months, wherever you are.

How can I connect for FREE?

Anyone can register for Summer Connect for FREE. You can watch on your own or connect with a local Community near you. Even if you can’t visit a Community each week, we encourage you to visit as often as you can throughout the 8 weeks. You will gain a lot from getting to know others at that Community location and interacting over the material with them.

What is the registration process?

Go to and click the sign up button. Sign up will be available starting this spring.

Is Summer Connect flexible?

Summer Connect was designed with flexibility in mind. We understand that summers can be busy with summer school, work, internships, family vacations and more. Many of these things change throughout the summer, which will change your availability from week to week.

All of our sessions are recorded to watch whenever you want. We will begin releasing them the week of May 21. Our goal is to provide you with training materials to guide you in missional living this summer. How you engage with the opportunities each week is up to you. We trust you will make the best decision for where the Lord has you for the summer and use Summer Connect as you see fit.

Can I do this with Summer Cru on my campus?

Yes, our desire is to be a resource each location around the country. Several campuses are using Summer Connect as their stand alone summer ministry opportunity. Other campuses have a partnership with churches, and some have other ministry opportunities set up by their local  team or regional leaders that limit their ability to participate each week.

How can I connect with others in my area?

If you are a part of a Community location, please invite others to join you at your Community meetings. If you want to join a Community, look at the map on our website that shows the location of our current Communities. Find the one nearest you and contact the leader of the Community (click on the arrow and the leader’s contact info will appear). If you are having trouble connecting to a Community location but you want to, please email us at and we will try to find you one or help you start one.

What types of outreaches will we do?

That’s up to you and your group to decide for the most part. At times throughout the summer we will offer opportunities for each person participating in Summer Connect to take steps of faith.

Can I access Summer Connect on my mobile device?

Yes, Summer Connect works on all mobile devices.

What if I have already gone on a Cru Summer Mission? Is this still relevant to me?

Yes! Because you have already participated in a summer mission, you will see the value in staying connected to the mission this summer, and you might also be willing to lead a group wherever you are. As a leader, you will have the opportunity to help others grow like you have. Along with presenting Cru resources, the program week to week will give you opportunities to engage at deeper levels as you are able.

Will participants receive coaching?

Yes. Obviously, being spread out across the country with many participants limits our ability to provide individual one-on-one coaching. However, we are building a team of quality coaches throughout the ministry to help coach and train students each week. The Summer Connect team will also stay connected with students during the week through email, text, and other social media.

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