Make It Count!


Don’t let this summer be wasted time. Make it count by growing relationships and asking hard spiritual questions. Summer Connect offers you a chance to explore with God and others wherever you are this summer.

Summer Connect is centered on 8 weeks of relevant video content which tackles questions like:

  • How do I explore my questions and doubts?
  • How should I approach the Bible?
  • How does Jesus point us to a better story?

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What happens when I sign up?

  • You can ask friends to watch with you.
  • You will begin to receive the video content each week beginning May 21.
  • You will receive the discussion guides that go along with each video. Consider on your own or discuss with others.
  • You will be offered a chance to connect with others at one of our Communities around the country. See the current map of Summer Connect Communities.

Summer Connect

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