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Greetings From Armenia!

Will (studying in Armenia)

Barev dzez! Hope you all are well! Things are really starting to pick up here and I’m beginning to settle into a routine in this new city. There’s so much to share; it feels like I’m trying to condense a pool into a Dixie cup.

Classes have started! I get quite a few stares walking through the hallways, and everyone wants to know why did I choose Armenia of all places? At times this week it felt like the first few days of Junior High – you’re insecure, everyone seems to know each other, you can’t find your classes. Add to it the fact that everyone in the hallways speaks a language you don’t understand and just feeling a bit out of place. That being said, I’ve also experienced the hospitality and friendliness of the Armenian people. Almost everyone I’ve met in my classes have gone out of their way to help me, and many have invited me to join them for meals, coffee, or just hanging out.

I’ve really enjoyed all the new experiences. What stands out as the highlight of this week has been the way I’ve seen God connect me with other believers in Yerevan. This was one of my prayer requests from last week and God answered it above and beyond what I had hoped for.

Last Sunday I attended Yerevan International Church, which has the only English speaking service in the country. There are Indians, Iranians, Armenians, Germans, Brits, Americans, and I think some other nationalities there. I heard several stories from the congregation of people who had been physically healed that week through prayer, one of them was a homeless lady who’s leg had been healed and was there at church. I also attended a “home group” on Thursday night, where we had a meal together, studied the bible, sang, and prayed for each other. It was really refreshing to be a part of. Within a week I’ve already met several believers that I can go to for support, and I’ve found a church to call home. Praise God!

Beyond that I’ve continued to see God use me this past week. I met a young Iranian guy at church named Khahn (name changed) who is becoming a close friend. He left Iran several months ago to escape military service, and he decided to become a Christian because he was tired of Islam. He told me he’s not ready to be baptized though, and there are still many areas of his faith that he’s immature in. We agreed to start meeting to go through the passages that my home group goes through.

Please pray for my friendship with [Khahn]…that he would take his faith seriously and that I could be a positive influence on him.

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