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Bold Steps into Chile

Bethany Kimbell

Emma knew studying abroad in Chile would be more than just a cultural experience.

The college student had made the decision to always make Jesus the center of her life.

“I made the decision to do my best to have him be at the center of who I am and all I do.” Emma said.

As she looked into studying abroad, she learned about Cru Study Abroad, which offers an additional spiritual resource she could apply that helps equip others to share the gospel as she studied abroad.

So, she decided to go.

“I arrived in Chile quite unsure of what to expect,” Emma said. “I didn’t even know who I was going to live with, or if there would be any churches in the area.

“However, I was excited and felt equipped with my Cru coach, sharing tools and the Holy Spirit.”

Within a month, Emma was connected with a Cru staff woman and another Christian student.

The two Chileans had been praying to find more Christians at Emma’s campus and for help in reaching the school with the message of Jesus.

They began to share about Jesus weekly through picnic lunches and social events with students at the university.

“I shared my testimony in Spanish for the first time, and got to connect with so many students from all around the world,” Emma said. “Our local church partnered with us and began sending people to help and pray for us.”

Slowly, the movement to share Christ on campus began and the gospel was being shared all over the university.

Halfway through the semester, Emma began praying about extending her study abroad to the full-year program.

“(It was” something I never thought I would do,” Emma said. “God totally provided, so I said yes a second time.”

Cru is now an official, university-recognized student group on that campus.  

“We are so excited about and expectant of all God is doing and will do on our campus and in Chile,” Emma said. “He totally blew me away with this experience.”

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