Sent Ones Stories

Using Business as a Platform for Gospel Transformation

Nathan was a typical Cru college student just a few years ago at the University of Central Florida. God began developing his vision when he heard about how the Gospel was spreading in conjunction with humanitarian/social justice work in third world countries.

Nathan learned about the opportunity to partner in Haiti from a peer named Jeremy. While in Haiti, Nathan was burdened by the physical and spiritual needs of the people. His heart broke as he interacted with hungry children who desperately needed a meal.

In 2009 God gave Nathan a vision to start a business that would transform the lives of those in need. He would not describe himself as an entrepreneur nor a chef, but God has called him to do both. In 2011 Nathan launched DUO 58 in as a non-profit catering business that uses its profits to feed hungry children in Haiti and engage them with the gospel of Jesus.

The name DUO 58 was an idea God gave Nathan combining Isaiah 58 (feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the naked) with Doing Unto Others as you would have them do unto you.          

Nathan has seen God do incredible things in the lives of his employees and in the lives of thousands of Haitian children. For every meal DUO 58 serves at an event, they provide a meal for a child in need. To date, they have served over 10,000 hungry children a meal.

DOU 58 partners with a Gospel centered organization in Haiti called Mission of Hope. Mission of Hope integrates the message of the Gospel into their educational materials and gives children the opportunity to come to faith in Christ.

As God is changing the lives of thousands of children through this partnership, He is also changing the lives of some of the employees at DUO 58. Nathan and his teammate, Lisa, seek to have a work environment where their team experiences genuine community. Their heart is that every employee would have the freedom to be authentic about their struggles and doubts, and that they would have opportunities to mature in their faith in Christ.

Nathan and his team truly live out the mission of DUO 58 everyday as they seek to show the love of Christ to their coworkers, the city of Orlando and hungry children in Haiti. They are truly using their business a platform for transformation.

Nathan is a Sent One!

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