Sent Ones Stories

Teaching and Reaching Kids

When Ashley graduated from the University of Central Florida, she followed God’s lead to intern with Cru High School. During that year she learned how to have an effective ministry with students in middle and high schools. After gaining that valuable experience, the Lord led her to use her teaching degree as a Kindergarten teacher in an inner-city elementary school.

Violence was common in the school and this burdened Ashley greatly. While the faculty debated how to improve the situation, Ashley was struck with the solution, “Ultimately what they need is Jesus!” Ashley and two other Christian teachers began praying daily for God to move in their students’ hearts and lives.

Not long after they started praying together, Ashley felt the Lord leading her to start a Good News Club at the school. In the club, kids read Bible stories, sing songs, play games, and learn about the Gospel. Many times this is where children learn to pray and read the Bible for the very first time. In a few short months, hundreds of students began attending to hear about God’s love every week.

The kids in the Good News Club get so excited about their relationships with the Lord that they are eager to share with their friends at school. One day, Ashley overheard one of her kindergarteners telling her little friends that Jesus died for our sins.

After having a ministry in her school in Orlando, the Lord led Ashley to take the message of the Gospel to classrooms across the world. She is currently serving the Lord as an international teacher trusting God to transform lives there the same way He did in the U.S.

Ashley is a Sent One!

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