Sent Ones Stories

Praying for Co-Workers

For 3 years, Janette prayed with perseverance that the Lord would work in her friend, Theresa’s, life. This hardened 30-something seemed to be the last coworker who would be interested in Jesus.

Theresa was one of the first people Janette met when she started her first job after graduation. The two became friends quickly and Janette remembers being burdened to pray for her because she knew that she was not a Christian and didn’t seem interested in spiritual things at all. As time passed, Janette continued to pray for Theresa and invested in their friendship. As their trust built, so did the depth of their conversations that soon turned to God.

Theresa started asking questions about the Lord and Janette was happy to answer them and explain what her relationship with Jesus meant to her. Then, after fully explaining the gospel and how Theresa could invite Christ to be the Lord of her life, she wasn’t quite ready. She understood the gravity of this decision and it was too soon. About six months later, out of the blue Janette found out that Theresa had accepted Christ! She hadn’t even told her! Theresa said, “Oh, I thought that you would know that’s why I changed!”

Janette admits that it was difficult to persevere in prayer and intentionality for so long. However, she grew to love Theresa as a friend and truly wanted her to know Jesus. This love, along with encouragement from like-minded friends, helped Janette persevere until the Lord faithfully answered her prayers.

While attending the University of Minnesota, Janette caught the vision for evangelism. Through her involvement with Cru she learned to share her faith with others and answered God’s call to make disciples. Upon graduation, God made it clear that he wasn’t sending her overseas, but to the workplace in her hometown of Minneapolis, as a missionary. While she didn’t know how God would use her in the marketplace, when He sent her there, Janette followed, and He has worked through her to bring Theresa into a relationship with Himself.

Janette is a Sent One!

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