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Let There Be Light

Meagan is an intern with Cru at UC Berkeley

Let there be light! This quote is the motto of the University of California Berkeley, which is one of the top 10 universities of the world. Let There Be Light is found on buildings and signs all over campus.

As a Cru staff at Berkeley, Meagan’s prayer is that Berkley’s motto, “Let there be light!” would really characterize this influential campus. She prays the light of the Gospel would permeate to every part of the campus and that those who are held captive would break free from the chains of sin and despair.

Meagan’s heart for this campus began when she was student at Berkeley. Meagan got involved with Cru and deepened her relationship with Christ. She realized early on that there was a necessity to be intentional with those who did not yet know Christ. So she decided to join a sorority. Her heart for her sorority sisters continued to grow as she saw the things they struggled with and their need for a Savior.

Meagan has always had compassion for hurting people and social services. She always imagined that she would serve with a relief organization. During her senior year as she sat at a Crossroads Conference, God gave her a vision of her peers being imprisoned and held captive by their sin and in desperate need for a Savior. She realized just doing good things in order to meet people’s physical and emotional needs wasn’t enough. They needed to be able to respond to the truth of the Gospel. She knew she was called to full-time vocational ministry, and Cru was the catalyst to send her there.

Meagan and her team have seen the Cru movement that started as a group of 20 students grow to more than 150 students. She has seen God give her favor in the Greek system and on campus. Her Greek Women’s Study has seen women come in search for something more.

One of Meagan’s sorority sisters came to the study saying that she had chosen the wrong path in college and knew she was missing something in her life. Eventually, she was able to share the gospel with this sorority sister in a cafe on campus. Since then, Meagan has seen her sorority sister cross over from death to life, seeing the light of the gospel permeate her life, and the freedom and love of Christ radically change her path.

Meagan is a Sent One!

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