Sent Ones Stories

Faculty Impacting Students and the World

As a sophomore at Texas A&M, Marc did a special project with a faculty member. After observing his professor’s life closely he thought, “Wow this guy works with young people and talks with experts in the field. That’s pretty cool. I want to do that!”

After graduate school, Marc worked as an engineer and then the Lord led him to minister vocationally through Cru’s Faculty Commons ministry. Though he was ministering during the day, in his free time this engineer was building a robot. That’s when Marc realized, “God designed me as an engineer. I have to use my gifts doing something that involves technical work.”

Marc remembered his college days and felt the Lord leading him to pursue a career in academics as faculty. He had an interview and within two weeks he was standing in front of students! The Lord was clearly directing his steps.

As faculty, Marc has the opportunity to develop relationships with students. Marc is intentional to have things in his office that will provoke questions and conversations with his students. Recently a stack of Mere Christianity books led to a great conversation with a couple students.

Graduate students spend a lot of time with Marc. Many of them are from all over the world and he invites them to share holidays at his home with his wife where they are able to build deeper relationships with them. He is often a mentor for these students out of the classroom by helping them navigate the challenges of life and deal with difficulties in relationships, money, and other personal matters. For most of these students, he is the only Christian they know, so it is a privilege for him to invest in their lives.

Marc is modeling the Christian life by what he says and also by what he does by showing them God’s heart for the poor. As faculty, he developed a summer opportunity for university students to use their engineering and business skills to bless those in need. The Haiti Project is a one-week trip where students set up a solar-powered water purification system and train local people how to use it as a business. This not only provides clean water but also creates sustainability through job creation and community development.

A majority of the students who participate in the Haiti Project are not Christians; however, they are grateful for the opportunity to make the world better. One of the aspects of the trip is that participants share their reasons for being part of the project. Marc tells them that they enjoy helping others because they are made in God’s image and He loves to help those in need. The project gives them an avenue to live out their design and a glimpse of God’s heart.

Marc is a SENT ONE!

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