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Building a Business that is Changing Lives

Could God use a toy business to change lives for eternity? Chris believes He could. During his college years at Stanford, Chris saw tremendous growth in his faith as he engaged in inner city ministry and shared his faith with his fraternity brothers. Chris came in contact with a number of entrepreneurs during his time at Stanford and this intrigued him as he considered God’s direction for his life. He spent a year after graduation with Cru in Mexico City to serve the Lord and determine if God was leading him to be a long-term missionary. While he thoroughly enjoyed the ministry, it was clear that this was not God’s plan for him. However, his love for the people of Central America and love of business compelled him to consider how he could use business to change lives that this part of the world.

After his time in Mexico came to a close, Chris worked for a prestigious consulting firm. During a business trip in Honduras, he met missionaries who were struggling to make ends meet. That’s when he had the idea to create a business that would provide sustainable income so they could continue to minister effectively.

This was the seed for the idea that would become his company, Tegu. He began asking himself the question, “Could we create a for-profit company based in Honduras that would foster a positive social impact in the community?”

Shortly after this, he met German missionaries who mentioned how they love European-style wooden toys for their kids because they don’t break and are great for a child’s creative development. Chris looked into the possibility of a wooden toy business and learned there was a place in the market for this type of toy in America. After discovering the possibility of this new business he left his consulting job and began the design concepts for the new company.

He and his team observed a kindergarten classroom, then came up with unique concepts and introduced them to the play time to see what would work. They learned that stacking blocks with strong magnets were a hit because they allow for connections and a style of building that normal blocks don’t. They had found their product!

Soon after they opened their factory and began production. However, Tegu, doesn’t only produce great magnetic blocks, their factory in Tegucigalpa, Honduras is changing the lives of people in one of the poorest nations in the world. By paying employees a living wage and prioritizing long-term career growth and development, Tegu is bringing world-class career development to Central America. They say, “It’s not a handout - it’s a helping hand.”

Chris is not only seeing lives changed economically, but spiritually. Karla was one of the company’s first employees. She came from a low-income family and had spent her life trying to make ends meet. The joy of Karla’s new job was quickly overshadowed when she suffered several painful losses in her life. Karla’s production manager became a close friend during this time, and she showed Christ’s love to Karla. The two had many opportunities to talk about the Lord during this difficult time.

As a result of these conversations, Karla placed her faith in Christ. Now her life is markedly different. She is much more confident, has taken the challenge of leadership, and now manages 40 people. Karla has seen tremendous growth both personally and spiritually since she came to faith, she has even enrolled in college and is studying to become an engineer.

Chris and his employees at Tegu are truly changing lives everyday with the love of Christ. Learn more about Tegu by watching this video and make your purchase count by buying toys for kids you love at!

Chris is a Sent One!

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