Sent Ones Stories

Authentic Christian Living

As a student, Berkeley did a professional internship for the summer. During those short months, she had amazing opportunities to share life daily with people who did not know Christ. After her internship, Berkeley felt the Lord leading her into the workplace after graduation in order to impact her co-workers for Christ. Prior to fulfilling her call to the workplace, she served as a missionary overseas with Cru for two years. God not only allowed her to have a fruitful ministry during those two years, He also prepared her for the wonderful ministry she has now in her workplace.

After returning from overseas, Berkeley learned about Vision Pathways, a ministry that helps recent graduates transition to the workplace by providing likeminded community, mentoring, and training. This was just what she needed, an environment to help her to follow her dream to be a light in her workplace.

Sophia is one of the co-workers who has been impacted by the way she lives out her faith everyday. The two built a relationship by sharing lunches and work breaks together. Berkeley learned that Sophia grew up in very judgmental and strict Christian home and had completely turned away from her faith. After going to church with Berkeley, Sophia was surprised to hear messages of grace and love since her church experience had been so different in the past.

Over time the two women began to have conversations about self-worth and identity. Sophia finds her significance in men while Berkeley’s is rooted in Christ. Sophia was deeply impacted by the conversation as they discussed the difference and is moving closer to a relationship with Christ.

Chris is another co-worker who Berkeley has influenced. He grew up in a Christian home but it was largely cultural and isn’t a part of his life anymore. Chris has doubts that Jesus is the only way to God, but has been touched by seeing Christians live out their faith. Chris has also attended church with Berkeley where he heard the message of God’s love. Soon after, he joined the church to volunteer for a homeless outreach where he saw the gospel of love put into practice. He saw the body of Christ in action and witnessed the love of God. Since then, the two have had many conversations about the gospel.

Berkeley’s co-workers’ lives are being changed as they get to know her and her community of friends who also love Jesus. Many of them label Christians with common stereotypes, but their views are slowly shifting as they meet people who love Jesus and live out their faith in daily life.

Berkeley’s co-workers are able to see an authentic view of the Christian life as they see both the good and the bad in her life and the lives of her Christian friends. Berkeley is vulnerable when she is stressed out and also comes alongside them when they are having hard days. Her openness creates deeper relationships where Christ’s love is able to shine brightly.

Berkeley is a Sent One!

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