10 Tips to Help You Thrive in College

1   Find a strong community.

2   Keep your workspace and your sleep space separate.

3   Don’t skip class unless it’s absolutely necessary.

4   Take advantage of on-campus resources like tutoring, events, recreation center, counseling, career center and the library.

5  Try renting, sharing or buying books online to save money.

6   Try to stay on campus for weekends and shorter holidays — this will help you get settled and make friends.

7  Find an outlet for when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Vent. Exercise. Paint. Watch movies. Do whatever relaxes you.

8  Always wear shower shoes.

9   If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or a learning disability, apply for accommodations as soon as possible.

10  Live in the residence halls for your first year. You’ll meet more people this way.


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