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“November is Summer Project month” - Jim Sautner, Destino National Director

Govember is a month-long focus on sending on Summer Missions and into full time ministry.

Govember We tried this for the first time last fall and it was such a success, we’re doing it again this year.  We got the idea from talking to University of Wisconsin Cru (and I know many others do it) and we’ve adapted it for our campus.

"If you create the momentum for Summer Project early it will snowball throughout the spring months. Plus students can drop the bomb on their parents over Thanksgiving break. Take advantage of this month, it will pay off in March.”  - Adam Penning - Cru staff at U of Wisconsin

Here's what we do during Govember with lots of linked resources:

If you want to use the Govember branding we use,  here's  the logo in two colors

A monthlong focus at the Cru meeting on going - some ideas:
- Heart for the lost
- Heart for world (get the Traveling Team to come in November if you can!)
- Lordship
- Eternal perspective (my talk and slides )
- Risky faith (my talk and slides )
- STINT night - this was by far the best Cru we did all year (here's the  Prezi  presentation we used last year so you can get a feel for the flow)

A Summer Missions recruiting dinner
- Here's an overview of what we do
- Here's the talk that I give at the dinner (and another talk I've used)
- A sample response card to follow up after the dinner

All of our Community Groups do world-focused material during November:
- A 3 week study we adapted from The Traveling Team:  Govember Study - Leader   ---  Govember Study - Student

- A great idea from Ball State Cru: assign a country to each student in the Bible study – give them an Operation World and they research it and present it back to their study and then pray for it

At least one week of focus on the world in all our student discipleship
- The Compass lesson on World Vision

- An article to read in discipleship: A Brief History Of Campus Missions

Staff Focus
- A couple great articles to read with your team during this month: A Missionary Call  by Robert Speer and  Mobilization of College Students  by Claude Hickman

- Kick off the month by doing the “how to do a summer project challenge” document as a devo with your staff team. Don’t tell them what it is for until the very end.

Some other ideas (that we haven’t tried) from Wisconsin:

8 by 12/08:  Each staff person personally challenges 8 students to Summer Missions by Dec. 8 th . Give your team 6-7 min in staff meeting to actually write their list. Remind your team about the 8 by 12/8 challenge each week at staff meeting during Govember. Follow up with your team half way through the month to see how it is going by writing the names of everyone who has been challenged down on the white board. Then take 10 min an pray for those names and people left to be challenged.

Man-sized challenge:  Two staff men do “Man-sized breakfast for a man-sized challenge” together with four students at a time, using the “How to do a Summer Missions challenge” document.

Share the wealth! What has helped your campus send students on Summer Missions or into full time ministry?

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