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Return to Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down

Gilbert Kingsley

We all know that media is an active agent in our society. Sporting events, entertainment, news, cultural events, etc. can entertain, enlighten and inspire us. The opposite can be true, too. Some media outlets can impact us negatively if we aren't prepared for or aware of their influence.

Now I enjoy living in a media-rich world as much as anyone. I love football, especially this time of the year. I read history and watch documentaries. I don't get to see all the movies I want to. I try to stay informed about current social, political, and world events. And every once in a while I get behind movie previews.

Many of our staff have heard about two short films premiering this Friday, September 13. But if you are a student I want to encourage you and your friends to check out the Cru short film  Return to Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down  and Ranger Jeff Struecker’s gospel follow-on video  Bullet Proof Faith.  Friday's premiers are just before the 20 th  anniversary of the BHD battle.

I've been told that three out of four college students are familiar with  Black Hawk Down  and CNET ranks it #9 in their top 40 Blu-ray list. But what God did in the life of Ranger Struecker during that battle and since is not well known. We can help backfill the larger story of that historical event.

My good friends produced  Return to Mogadishu: Remembering Black Hawk Down . Please consider taking advantage of the major media coverage Struecker will receive in September by promoting the films on your campus through Facebook and Twitter. Here are some ideas:

  • Show the two films at a Cru meeting. They are 13 minutes in length total.
  • Show Black Hawk Down on your campus, followed by showing the films, with a MissionHub text survey follow-up.
  • Have a movie night at your fall retreat.

The films are downloadable for free at . Also the booklet Bullet Proof Faith has been redone and available for download or purchase on the site. Follow on Twitter  @R2Mog .


* Photo courtesy of Jason Mrachina (Flickr Creative Commons)

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