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Not Missing An Opportunity to Share Jesus

While waiting for a bus in Kansas, an Ethiopian Cru® staff member meets a man from an unreached people group in his home country. He shares the gospel with him using an app, and the man decides to follow Jesus.

Why God Wants Your Life to Be Fruitful

How to live a spiritually fruitful life.

How the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Can Help You Share the Gospel

Once you know what someone’s personality type is, you're on the way to building a gospel-sharing strategy that speaks their language.

Our Kingdom “ID”

As citizens of heaven, our “ID card” should be our love for one another, regardless of what group we are in.

An Isolated People: What the Deaf Need You to Hear

Andrew Jefferies, a former Cru student at Gallaudet University, explains how a major social gap between the Deaf and hearing communities in the world results in fewer people experiencing the gospel. He provides steps for how hearing people can help change that.

Breakthrough in Bible Translation Hidden in a Backpack

Two pastors in Papua New Guinea bring their communities face to face with Jesus thanks to a wearable innovation.

God Spoke When The Town Grew Quiet

A surprising reaction to a power outage in a remote Peruvian town.

Does Jesus Appear in Dreams?

How do you respond to someone who tells you that Jesus literally appeared to them?

Jesus Miraculously Heals

8-year-old girl sees the JESUS Film and then tells her widowed mother Jesus could heal her mother’s tuberculosis. After praying all night, the woman was healthy.

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