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Top 10 Stories of 2017

January 2, 2018

As we say goodbye to 2017, we wanted to highlight some of Cru’s most popular articles this year. From what we can see, you have a heart for the Lord and for the people around you.

1. Dear Christian Man, Why Are You so Lonely?

You wanted to dive into creating lasting male friendships and accountability with our “Dear Christian Man” article.

2. Four Phrases Christians Need to Stop Saying

You tried to better yourself by learning phrases that you should not say any longer with the “4 Phrases Christians Should Stop Saying” article.

3. A Gonzaga Coach’s Long Journey to the Final Four

You got very excited about getting a behind-the-scenes peek of the Final Four this year with Coach John Jakus.

4. How Can I Follow My Calling if I’m Not Sure What It Is?

You learned what it’s like to be unsure of what your life calling is, and that it’s OK. God does have a plan for you.

5. QUIZ: What Kind of Ministry is Right for You?

Much like No. 4, you sought to understand where you belong in your personal ministry with this quiz.

6. How Will You Support a Grieving Loved One?

You mourned alongside Cru staff member Julie Blom as we heard her story of losing three members of her family, and she taught you how to care for those grieving around you.

9. How To Start a Spiritual Conversation with One Word

You read how you could start a spiritual conversation with just one word. The project that supports this evangelism method was released this past spring.

10. A Practical Guide to Hearing From God

You learned tips on how to hear from God when you’re in your usual scene at work, school or home. It’s not hard to see the Lord wherever you are – sometimes it just takes paying attention.

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