Our Leadership

Roger and Sara Randall

Vice President of Europe and Russia

A graduate of Oregon State University, Roger became a Campus Crusade staff member in 1968 assigned to begin a ministry at Auburn University.

A few years later, Roger and his wife, Sara, helped direct EXPLO 72, a week-long student conference in Dallas. Following the conference, Roger has served in many roles, including national director of Student Venture, national director of U.S. Campus Ministry and continental director of International University Resource Ministry for Africa. 

In 1998 Roger was appointed vice president of Europe and Russia, giving leadership to 47 countries. As vice president of Europe and Russia, Roger oversees approximately 1,200 full-time staff members.  

“Although the birthplace of the reformation and the great missionary thrusts of the last 18th and 19th centuries, Europe has become a continent of increasing spiritual darkness in our lifetime,” said Roger. “Yet there are signs of hope. Today, staff members—the large majority of whom are European—are sensing that the winds of spiritual change are beginning to move through Europe.”

He is married to Sara and they have a daughter, Allison. Sara leads an outreach to executive women throughout Europe. Roger and Sara currently live in the south of France.

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