Our Leadership

Reverend Mpunga and Makoyi Mukengeshay

Area Team Leader, Francophone Africa

After training at the Kinshasa Great Commission Training Centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire), Mpunga and Makoyi became Campus Crusade staff members in 1982. Their first assignment was to their homeland, the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 1985, Mpunga was appointed the national director. Then, in 2005 he was appointed director of affairs for Francophone, or French-speaking, Africa.

While national director for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mpunga was able to build a strong ministry and encourage indigenous leadership despite civil war. As a result, Mpunga gives leadership to over 700 staff members, almost 200 of which are Congolese nationals.

Mpunga and Makoyi live in Bamako, Mali, and have five children.

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