Our Leadership

Reverend Jeong Insoo and Jeong Eun Sook

Vice President of Global Operations

Insoo was born in Korea and first became involved in Campus Crusade as a college freshman. During that time, his faith grew quickly and he began attending training camps where he learned how to explain the gospel to someone.

Insoo became a Campus Crusade associate staff member in March 1973 and a full-time staff member in January 1981. He has served in many positions including personal assistant to the national director of Korea, national planning director for Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, and international ministry director for Korea.

In 1999, Insoo was appointed director of affairs for East Asia. He also became the president of the East Asia School of Theology in the year 2000. From 2000 to 2006, 437 million people in this area were exposed to the gospel and 65 million people indicated decisions to become a Christian, an average of 29,630 people accepting Christ every day.

Insoo continues to look forward to what God has next for East Asia.

"God has given us a clear mission and we must remain faithful to what He has called us to do," Insoo said. "Yet at the same time, we must never stop being open to new initiatives or we will lose our cutting edge."

In January 2009, Insoo was named Vice President for East Asia.

Beginning in 2010, he now gives leadership to the global operations for the ministry.

Insoo married Eunsook in December of 1976. They have 3 children: Kyung-Sun, Hyung-Cheol, and Kyung-Uk. Eunsook was a school teacher for a number of years before joining the staff of Korea Campus Crusade. She partners with Insoo in ministry and is very passionate about God's Word. She also loves to challenge and train youth.

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