Water is a welcomed gift to people who’ve experienced the immense hardship of its scarcity in Chad, a country located in north–central Africa.

How a Well in Chad Brought Life to a Village


In Moso, Chad, a woman named Maysa is searching for drinkable water as she walks through desert terrain. She has two options: Trek for 4 miles to the nearest village with a working well, or scour the hills in her area, only to return home with dirty water.

In Chad, 64% of people lack access to basic water services, according to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme. For people living in Moso, a lack of clean water brought daily illness, shame and strife. But in 2017, God used a combination of people doing good deeds — providing a stable water source — and preaching the good news to powerfully transform lives.

Watch Maysa’s story of how God transformed her life and community by providing for their needs.

Maysa’s life and the life of her community were impacted when Unto®, the humanitarian ministry of Cru®, partnered with a local church planting group to install a “water yard” in Moso.

“The kingdom of God is words and deeds side by side.”

Dan Keller, Field Strategy Director of Unto®

Through their Clean Water Program, Unto follows Jesus’ example of meeting people’s needs while proclaiming God’s kingdom to the driest and most desolate places.

By partnering with local drillers and ministries, they dig wells and install filters to connect people to two sources of life: water and Jesus. For places like Moso, this work gives local ministries a platform to continue to serve their community and show God’s love and care.

“The kingdom of God is words and deeds side by side,” says Dan Keller, the field strategy director of Unto.

Dan says the well work in Chad is a local manifestation of this truth. He also recognizes how he’s seen God’s kingdom in action in his own neighborhood.

Whether the need is as dire as drinking water or as simple as giving a ride to a co-worker, we can all participate in God’s kingdom coming near.

Additional credits: Bob Rictor (Senior Videographer), Tim Bontekoe (Field Producer), and Jam Robinson (Editor).

Faith in Action

Discover more about Unto® and how the ministry provides water to the places that need it most.

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