What Do You Do When Burdens Weigh You Down?


When a young woman exited the plane, she had high hopes in the big city. But as she began to walk the streets, feelings of inadequacy and internal struggles with identity began to weigh her down.

Things seemed like they could not get any worse. She felt angry, frustrated and hopeless. She cried out in her anguish.

Find out what happened next.

Courtesy of Jesus Film Project®

Bricks can be viewed in 15 languages, and it’s one of dozens of films available through the Global Short Film Network (GSFN). GSFN, a part of Jesus Film Project®, helps people discover stories through film and begin spiritual conversations.

Cru® staff member Brian R., a member of the Jesus Film Mission Team, travels the world and uses films like Bricks to connect people to Christ.

“Short films open conversations and are a door to our testimony and then the gospel,” Brian says. “There needs to be a bridge to open the door. Then we get into a deep conversation right on the street using my phone.”

These films can be used in various settings to cultivate deeper relationships. Based on universal, relevant themes, some films are available in 190 languages.

To access more short films, visit the Global Short Film Network and browse by topic or search for films based on length and language, among other choices. You can also visit the Jesus Film Project site or app to see a selection of short films.

Discussion questions are provided to help you find out a person’s story, offer your own and tell him or her about Christ.

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Jan Stewart
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Jan Stewart

Jan serves as a journalist with Cru®. She has had an interest in creative writing ever since her high school newspaper column days. She hopes to inspire hearts toward Christ.

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Guy Gerrard
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Guy Gerrard

Guy isn’t much of a city person. Paddling down the Wda river in northern Poland with participants of a Cru® summer mission project describes a great place for him to photograph. He likes being outside, doing anything with water, and he enjoys making things with his hands. Guy serves as a photographer for Cru.

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