Hospice and the Hope of Life


In a sun-bathed hospital room, Dr. Enkhee Menalsuren leans over a patient in her last days and prays with her.

Years ago, Enkhee’s desires were for money and prestige. Now, as a hospice (or end-of-life) doctor, she longs to share the love of Christ with those around her.

Enkhee sees her job speaking with, caring for and comforting the ill and their families as a ministry. She shares the hope of life with her patients and their families.

Enkhee and her co-workers yearn to see their country, Mongolia, reached with the love of God. They are beginning this work by bringing light into a dark and challenging place.

Read more about Enkhee, her background and her hospice ministry.

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Rebecca Kelsall
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Rebecca Kelsall

Rebecca Kelsall is a journalist with Cru®. She graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in multimedia journalism. She is proudly Hispanic American, a dog-mom, and interested in culture and psychology.

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