Stories that showcase God’s work around the globe

Issue 4 / January 2018

Feature Story

Searching for Balance in Life’s Busyness

After a full day of work, Israel “Izzy” Garrett II lives intentionally by mentoring rising spiritual leaders at his alma mater—Kent State University.

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From the Field

An Evangelism Shift: How Can We Reach Millennials?

Cru® staff member Josh Chen is a millennial committed to understanding his own generation. We sat down with him to explore how to better engage a unique and seemingly misunderstood generation with the gospel.

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Advocating for the Accused

In a country where Christianity is a minority religion, a simple act of advocacy by a Christian lawyer changed the trajectory of one man’s life.

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From the Field

What Happens to Faith When Crisis Strikes?

In the middle of a war zone, a Ukrainian military chaplain offers soldiers the hope that he once discovered on a Soviet battlefield.

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A Different Kind of Olympics

In a sports-driven country, a local Brazilian pastor partnered with Athletes in Action® to take the gospel to nearby neighborhoods during the 2016 Olympic Games.

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“The most important thing is your relationship with Jesus Christ. And that’s also the most important thing for the people you’re leading.”

Israel Garrett II

“Searching for Balance in Life’s Busyness”