This 4-Minute Video Sparks Conversations About God


When talking about our faith with others, we can often feel stuck or unsure of how to begin. #FallingPlates, a four-minute video by Cru®, is an evangelistic tool designed for those who have never shared their faith with others, those who have found it hard to start spiritual conversations or those who are looking for new ways to reach those around them. Using the power of media to present the gospel, the video offers follow-up opportunities for believers and non-believers alike, and allows for meaningful conversation.

#FallingPlates has reached more than 19 million views. The video has been dubbed into 40 languages, with more on the way. Already, 235 nations and territories have used it. And nearly 13 percent of viewers on the website indicated they “want to start to follow Christ.”

How can I use this viral tool?

Try sitting down with your friend and watching the video together either on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Or you can share the video via text, email or social media. Another way to reach people for Christ is by hosting a digital outreach with friends.

No matter how you share the video, you can use it to kick-start a spiritual conversation. Simply start by asking, “Want to watch an interesting video?”

After sharing the video, here are a few sample follow-up questions:

  • What did you think of the video?
  • Was there an image or piece of the video that you particularly related to?
  • Is there something you are searching for right now?
  • Do you think you are moving toward God, away from God, or staying about the same?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your desire to know God personally?

As you step out in faith by making #FallingPlates available to your friends and family, here are a few other resources to help you prepare for and continue the conversation:

For more ideas for how to use #FallingPlates, consider these resources.

Video by Strong Films; produced by Howard Crutsinger.

Words by

Jan Stewart

Jan serves as a journalist with Cru®. She has had an interest in creative writing ever since her high school newspaper column days. She hopes to inspire hearts toward Christ.

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