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From the Field

What Can God Accomplish with One Summer?

Discover how college students this summer made a global impact.

October 2017

Feature story

An Unlikely Missionary Revives Hope on the Reservation

Bob GreyEagle, a Cru® staff member with Nations®, formerly perpetuated a toxic home life. But when God rescued him, Bob longed to change his community. Then God made it clear to Bob: I am sending you.

August 2017


A Well That Carries More Than Water

In Tanzanian villages known for witchcraft, a partnership between GAiN® and local pastors has brought clean water and the message of Jesus, leading to 48 new churches in less than two years.

August 2017

Special report

The Unseen Crisis Among College Women

Chronic mental health problems are on the rise, raising serious issues for those working with female students. Here’s how you can help.

August 2017


Have You Ever Wondered, “Why Me?”

Is there a grand design behind why and how the gospel came to you when it did?

August 2017


Balancing Disappoint­ment: 3 Ways to Struggle Well

We don’t want success to arrive through disappointment, but the collision of the two can help us learn who we are and how to struggle well, as evidenced by the personal experiences of the 2016 U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Team alternates.

August 2017

From the field

Fighting Homeless­ness in a New Way

Through a FamilyLife® resource, one man is helping homeless individuals get a fresh start in metro Atlanta.

August 2017

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