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Thriving in Transition - Selected Moorings Devotions for Life's Challenges

Life has been confusing—maybe you've felt anxious, burdened and lost.

Here's a gift for you to Thrive in Transition. If you're facing job issues, if you've lost peace in the home, your relationships have been hard to navigate and your spiritual walk dry and lacklustre, even in the new transition into Circuit Breaker Phase 2, these selected Moorings devotions are specially curated for your quiet time. 

Be blessed.



moor·​ing | \ ˈmu̇r-iŋ

A nautical term, refering to an anchor to which a ship is secured to prevent it from being carried away by the waves.

An ever needed and timely reminder for us to keep close to the “anchor for our souls”, Moorings is a compilation of devotional reflections by Cru Singapore’s National Director, Lam Kok Hiang.


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