Chaos - A bold theory on manhood

Defining manhood has never been so confusing. FamilyLife’s Vice President of Content, Brian Goins, and Dr. Ed Uszynski weigh in with challenging, compelling biblical truth about God’s specific call to manhood … and ways we get it wrong.

Activate a manhood of tenacity, transparency, and godly courage.

Activate manhood

You’ll learn about questions like

  • When does a boy become a man?
  • What was God’s original intention for manhood?
  • What keeps us from stepping up?
  • What does it look like to actively step into life’s chaos?

Motivate men around you..

Dream big. Chaos: A Bold Theory on Manhood is ideal for

  • One-on-one discipleship
  • Small groups
  • Large gatherings, broken into smaller discussion clusters
  • Leading older sons
  • Personal study

Course format

  • An hour-long video divided into three sessions
  • Easy to use and lead
  • Complete with intermittent, intentional small-group discussion questions
  • Usable as three individual sessions or a single event
  • Delivered with frankness* and humor

*Please be advised these sessions are not appropriate for young children and should be considered “PG-13” in thematic content and terminology.

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