Reformatted Conference!

In light of the COVID-19 situation, and in line with Ministry of Education's advisory with regards to inter-school activities, the previous UNVEIL 2020: Relevant Truth, Radical Faith conference has been reformatted. It will no longer be a large-group gathering point, but a digital resource initiative for youths on our main social media platforms. Find more information below!

For those who have registered earlier, we will be contacting you personally to help you process the refund. Please contact if you have any other questions. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding!

Have a HTHT on our LIVESTREAM, 13 Mar 9pm


Special guests include Pastor Edric Sng ( and Salt&Light) and Joseph Chean (YWAM Singapore).

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Unveil HTHT Life Talks




We've created three video + devotional materials for you to navigate this life.
These video resources will be made available on our social media channels.
Read more about the topics below!

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Evangelism: Difficult Questions & Awkward Moments

Evangelism: Difficult Questions & Awkward Moments

Frederick Choo, Reasonable Faith

“Talking about Jesus worries me... Sometimes, just the thought of reaching out to my friends discourages me from doing anything.”

If you are overwhelmed by the awkwardness and difficulty of talking about God, if you’re at a loss where to begin—start here. Learn from Reasonable Faith on providing a defense for your faith, answering people’s doubts with logic and gentleness.



BGR: Truth Matters

BGR: Truth Matters

Quek Shiwei, Kallos

There are so many “rules and regulations” that the church gives about boy-girl relationships. It really makes us wonder: is it really wrong? What is right?

Listen to Shiwei, Director of Kallos magazine, answer some of your frequently asked questions about romantic relationships. See how Christian truth is relevant in Boy-Girl Relationships. 




Bridging Your Personas

Bridging Your Personas

Audris Quek, Paradigm Shift Label

What should my social media be portraying? Am I the same person online and offline? A platform used for self-seeking recognition and affirmation can actually be a space used to share victories and testimonies. 

Hear Audris as she talks about the need to be careful and intentional on what we consume and produce on social media. She believes the content we put out on social media is merely an extension of who we truly are. Our life is our message. As reflectors of Christ, we ought to represent Him right and use the platforms we get, to be His light! Let’s be real, the world is watching. Are we Christians just offline, or are we unashamed Christian in all (aspects) of our life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Unveil HTHT?

UNVEIL 2020: Relevant Truth, Radical Faith is now reformatted as UNVEIL HTHT: Relevant Truth, Radical Faith. It is a digital resource for young people. Use it as a springboard to see the power of gospel truth and live out the Christian faith in your lives. The first HTHT (Heart to Heart) will be launched over a live-streaming event, on 13 March, Fri at 9pm. Tune in to our social media pages to engage with Pastor Edric Sng ( and Salt&Light) and Joseph Chean (Youth With a Mission Singapore) as they discuss truth and faith with you and other fellow youths. There will be a later release of workshop videos (called Life Talks) and accompanying devotion material for you to watch and use.

What does Unveil HTHT consist of?

It consists of one LIVESTREAM event on 13 March, 9pm, and three video + devotions material titled Unveil HTHT Life Talks.

Is it the same as Unveil 2020: Relevant Truth, Radical Faith?

In light of COVID-19, we have adapted and reformatted our 2-day in-person conference into a digital resource that you can access with your phone/computer/tablet and a working Internet connection.

What is the aim of Unveil HTHT?

The aim of Unveil HTHT is to provide a platform for you to HTHT (have a Heart to Heart) about what really matters - the issues of truth and faith.

Do I have to pay for any of the sessions?

It’s free!

Who is Unveil HTHT for?

All youths and young people!

How do I use Unveil HTHT?

First, you’ll have a HTHT with trusted mentors and fellow youths on 13 March. After that, the release of workshop videos and their accompanying devotional materials is designed to help you engage in a HTHT with Jesus. You may use the videos and workshop materials for your own HTHT with friends and cell group members.

Do I need to register?

You don’t need to register for the livestreaming on 13 March – just be online at 9pm! For the rest of the workshop videos and devotional materials, please sign up above so we can let you know when they’re released!





15 August 2020, Saturday, 9.30 am - 12 pm 
Worship, devotions and HTHT on a topic you can choose to dive deeper into! 

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