COVID-19 Conversations

A Special Series for the Season

Let not this season catch you off-guard

We've put together special webinars with distinguished guests to provide a platform for you to ask questions, receive counsel and be discipled during an unprecedented time of our lives. 

The Christian Response to Public Health Crises

The Christian Response to Public Health Crises

Date & Time: 30 April 2020, 8.30pm
Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Benjamin Ong 
On the Panel: Ong Cheow Lan and Thong Chan Kei

  • Speaking calm into crises
  • Evaluating the Church's response to Covid-19 thus far
  • Seizing the right moment to share the Gospel, in the right posture 
  • Staying emotionally healthy during "circuit breaker" month
Sieve Through the Lies

Sieve Through the Lies

How to consume healthy food for your soul

Date & Time: 7 May 2020, 8.30pm
Speaker: Thong Chan Kei

  • Spotting the fake news, before you tap "forward"
  • The importance of exercising godly discernment now more than ever
  • What's a healthy diet for the soul?
  • A 101 guide to Christian literature and genre to consider
Dealing with Temptations (Porn on the Internet)

Dealing with Temptations (Porn on the Internet)

Date & Time: 14 May 2020, 8.30pm
Speakers: Josh McDowell & Dr Valentino L Gonzales

  • Why do I rebound back to porn? 
  • Temptations vs Addictions 
  • Handles to curb the temptation during Circuit Breaker period
  • Questions and Answers


#NTEx: Exploring the New Testament Together

#NTEx: Exploring the New Testament Together

Dates & Time: 15, 19, 22, 26, 29 May 2020, 2-3.15pm
Teacher: Amy Lau ThM, Resident Faculty, East Asia School of Theology

This FREE course explains the structure of the New Testament (NT) and how the 27 books are related to each other. It gives a broad survey of each NT book to answer questions like:

  • What is the big message-idea for each book? 
  • What was the purpose and occasion for writing? 
  • What are some major themes and how are they relevant to our present-day contexts?
Carpe Diem Redeemed

Carpe Diem Redeemed

On Making the Most of Life in Light of How Brief and Fragile It Is

Speaker: Os Guinness
Date & Time: 21 May 2020, 8.30pm




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Coming Soon...!

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