11-12 March 2020    |    Bartley Christian Church

Empowering youth/campus ministry practitioners through a time of collaboration and retooling 
Reach and love young people who are quickly growing disillusioned with Christianity.

"For we are God's fellow workers. You are God's field, God's building."

~ 1 Cor 3:9 ~

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Reimagine. Retool.

Choose up to two 3.5-hour workshops over two days to sharpen specific ministry skills or broaden your horizon (see below)!

Join our morning keynote sessions to hear field veterans provide fresh perspectives! 

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Keynotes' Overview

Discipleship in the 21st Century: Pitfalls To Avoid
Doing ministry can be so much of a routine that we have perhaps become complacent. We question the dwindling numbers of young people in our congregations or organisations without realising that we have perhaps stepped into pitfalls in discipling them. 

Digital Missions: The Next Frontier
A 2018 Straits Times news article reported that children who own mobile phones spend an average of 45 hours a week online. With our youths increasingly saturated in the online world, how are we meeting them where they are with gospel content? 

Witnessing to Address Deep Questions: Youth Edition
What are the deepest questions our youths are asking today? As church and parachurch leaders, we need to examine the ways we are listening to and engaging them.

Ministering to Youths with Depression and/or Suicidal Ideation
Does God say anything about the use of medication, psychological treatment, demonic oppression or possession when it comes to the topic of depression and/or suicide? What is a gospel-centred perspective in addressing mental health issues such as depression and suicide within the body of Christ? 

A Biblical Model of Revival Leadership
Learn a model of revival leadership for Christians who want to facilitate and spread revival in their contexts, with implications for evangelism, mission, and growth. 

3.5-hr Workshops Each Day



Workshop 1: Preaching To Youths

Rev Dr James Choung
Vice President of Strategy & Innovation
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA
Author, True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In

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The world is advancing rapidly and the young people of today are so different in a way that makes you feel the generation gap is huge. How can we bridge the gap and catch up?

This workshop seeks to guide you through a framework to craft a message that would engage them. There will be a hands-on activity in crafting a draft message, with feedback and sharing. Come ready to write and preach!



Workshop 2: Robust Responses – Helping our Youths Engage Others (*available only on 12 March)

Max Jeganathan
Asia-Pacific Regional Director
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)

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Our youths face conversational battles in their classrooms, tutorials, university seminars and in their online worlds. Come learn from Max Jeganathan and brainstorm together how better to prepare the young people in our ministries to have good reasons for the faith they believe in.



Workshop 3: Developing Digital Strategies to Reach Youths 
Digital Christian publication


Read More is breaking ground in creating Christian content in online spaces. They see more than 300,000 unique visitors a year consuming articles and videos on issues (work, studies, relationships and more) a youth or young adult will grapple with at the intersection of faith and life.

Learn how to craft content to kickstart an online presence for your organisation or church to reach youths for Christ.

Theological Vision

Theological Vision

Workshop 4: A Gospel-centred Youth/Young Adult Ministry

Simon Murphy
Lead Pastor
Redemption Hill Church
Network Leader, City to City Singapore

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The “Gospel-centred” movement has garnered much traction and concerns over the past few years. It’s growth in the local Church scene underscores the desire of youths and young adults for “something more” in ecclesiology and personal discipleship. Learn the movement’s strength in marrying compelling expository preaching/ teaching with gospel-in-action ministries and adapt it for your specific ministry context!




Workshop 5: Launching and Sustaining Campus Movements

Jody Kubo                 |          Joanna Ong
Area Team Leader    |         Pastor, CampusREV
Campus Ministry      
|         FCBC
Power to Change
(formerly known as
Campus Crusade
for Christ Australia)

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Learn best practices from a long-time church and parachurch campus ministry practitioners. Take this opportunity to engage in honest, open dialogue with like-hearted ministry leaders to sharpen your ministry approach and find new ways to collaborate. Come if you want to launch or grow a campus ministry.

Counseling in Shepherding

Counseling in Shepherding

Workshop 6: Decoding Youth Mental Health

Michelle LAUW, BSc (Hons), MPsych (Clinical) (UniMelb)
Senior Clinical Psychologist at Changi General Hospital

LEW Zhen Wei, B Soc Sc(Hons), MPsych (Clinical)(UniMelb) 
Senior Clinical Psychologist at Changi General Hospital

Dr Cheryl LOH, MBBS, MMed (Psychiatry), MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Changi General Hospital

Teresa MOH, B Soc Sc (Hons), MPsych (Clinical) (UM-NUS)
Senior Clinical Psychologist at Changi General Hospital

Dr POON Ngar Yee, MBBS, MMed (Psychiatry), MRCPsych (UK)
Consultant Psychiatrist, KK Women's and Children's Hospital and Changi General Hospital

Dr David TEO, MBBS, MMed (Psychiatry), FAMS
Consultant Psychiatrist at Changi General Hospital

TEO Yan Wen, BSc (Hons), MPsych (Clinical)(ANU)
Senior Clinical Psychologist at Changi General Hospital

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With depression and mental illness on the rise among the young people of today, we need to learn how to journey with them as they struggle through this ordeal. Come learn from this panel of doctors to identify red flags to look out for and how to be a useful party in the young person’s road to recovery

Youth & Significance

Youth & Significance

Workshop 7: Helping Youths Discover Their Purpose and Life Direction

Ivan John     
Team Leader, The Significance Project
Sharon Lam
Associate Team leader, The Significance Project
Joanne Koo
Director, Line By Line

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We are all born with a deep and meaningful purpose we have to discover. Soaring and Quest are life coaching resources that can help youths of all faiths uncover their purpose and life direction through discovering their uniqueness, strengths, personality, longings, passions and values. As youths discover and become more aware about their uniqueness and what they are passionate about, they will be empowered and emboldened to live life with a sense of purpose and make a positive difference to their world. 

Learn from The Significance Project team on how to help youths discover their purpose and life direction, and coach them to take actions to make a positive difference to their world.


Sharon Lam has been on staff with Cru for the last 33 years. She enjoys teaching and equipping people, especially campus students to live out their identity and calling in Christ. She is currently involved with the Significance project, helping people of all ages and in different walks of life find their life purpose and mission. She is married with two children aged 21 and 18. 

Ivan John Liew has served with Cru Singapore for 22 years. In his 22 years ministry with the Junior College ministry, young professionals ministry and presently The Significance Project, he enjoys shepherding people in their spiritual, relational and vocational growth. One of his passions is to help people clarifies life issues and life direction.

Joanne Koo, MBA (INSEAD) has a special interest is in helping people discover their strengths and aspirations to lead more a meaningful professional career and write a richer life story. Her career spans the public sector, Korn/Ferry and INSEAD. She has also taught in Masters programmes in NUS and SMU. She currently also trains aspiring career counsellors in Job and Labor Market Analysis.



"that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."

~ Romans 15:6 ~

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