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The Significance Project


If you have a passion to help people find vocational clarity, significance, meaning and purpose, we have just the role for you!

The Significance Project is looking to recruit Group Facilitators with experience in facilitating small groups and who possess some coaching skills. You will need to attend the course as a participant for a start to gain first-hand experience before being trained to use the relevant materials to help TSP participants reach their session objectives.

The Significant Project has various components, including The Significant Women (English and Mandarin), The Significant Couple, Men Of Impact, SOARING and QUEST. Find out more here.



"The Significant Project resonates with me as a programme that is very Bible-based. There is a great emphasis on the need for us to draw close to God so as to discover His calling for our lives. When we discover that calling and focus, it will fire up our lives to serve Him."

Volunteer, Man Of Impact


"I enjoy learning and teaching, so I aimed to become a facilitator with TSP. However, as l prayed, God spoke to me – 'Use your administration gifting to assist your leader, not as a facilitator.' "

Volunteer, The Significant Project

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