Website Coordinator

Digital Strategies

Job description

We are looking for a highly motivated and creative individual to help shape the experience for visitors to Cru Singapore's website. Your attention to detail, creativity and knowledge of information technology would be instrumental in helping someone learn about Christ, or lead a believer to a right resource for her spiritual growth.


  • Manage Cru Singapore's website content, themes, design layout
  • Manage and review website structure and user-friendliness
  • Ensure prominent online presence to potential audience with up-to-date marketing and social network strategies


  • Familiar with, or willing to learn Adobe Experience Manager and Trello
  • Experienced in Wordpress
  • Able to work independently and also within a team
  • Experience in website design practices
  • Possesses strong communication skills and an up-to-date awareness of marketing techniques.

Do note that this is a support-raising position. You may contact hr@cru.org.sg for more information. Looking forward to helping others live a life of significance through Jesus Christ together with you.

As a Christian organisation, employees will be required to attend work meetings and Christian fellowship meetings, which start and end with religious activities such as prayers, words of worship and bible sharings. Non-Christian employees are not required to participate in the religious activities.

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