RevUp Student Missions

What Is RevUp?

After 15 years of missions-sending among students through Cru Singapore, God has brought thousands of people into His kingdom. But there is still more to be done! We believe that everyone should hear and respond to the gospel of God's love. All of us can make a difference in someone's life.

Why RevUp?

You’re at the prime season to experience God personally and discover your life purpose, passion and calling. Such things cannot be taught; they are caught. And a mission trip brings about that effect because of the vast amount of spiritual lessons you witness, learn and put into practice on the mission field.

Explore Projects

Upcoming projects for 2019 are open for registration now! Consider each project prayerfully and sign up as you are led to do so.


Japan Campus

Reach out to the Japanese students by demonstrating Christ’s love through building authentic relationships. 

Share the gospel through fun and creative platforms!


Hong Kong Campus

Hong Kong is a modern city of steel and glass skyscrapers bustling with life.

Connect with the campus students, understand their struggles and share the eternal hope that Christ offers them.  


Taiwan Campus

Embark on this trip and find out why university students are rejecting the gospel.

Perhaps many of them have not even heard of it, and you could be the one to share Christ with them!


Mongolia Campus

Also known as the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, Mongolia is known for her beautiful landscapes and friendly people.

Come and experience the rich Mongolian language and culture. Befriend high school students. Teach them English and run skills-sharing workshops. Take time to hear their life stories and have fun sharing yours too! 


India Campus

Join God at work in the second-most populous country in the world.

Reach out to students and share the gospel with them in their context through new and creative ways.


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