East Asia

May 2021

With growing political and economic influence, East Asia has the potential to become the world’s leading missionary force, sending new generations of cross-cultural workers to places with previously little or no access to the Gospel.

Although the church continues to face persecution, we have the chance to sow seeds in the digital space and spread the Good News to an even greater audience.

Do not miss this opportunity to reach your peers and engage with them through digital platforms like language learning apps, social media and video conferencing.

  • Dates: 17-21 May 2021 (More dates might be added depending on interest for this location.)
  • Open to: Singapore university students
  • Trip duration: 5 days
  • Focus: University students
  • Estimated Fee: $30-$45

*You will be invited to attend an information briefing about this creative access nation.

*Trip duration is approximately one week, excluding time needed for preparation and follow-up. Dates, location and cost may be subject to change. In the event that the trip of your choice becomes unavailable, you will be invited to join another project. Fee covers training materials, social media campaigns, registration and other incidentals.


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