Digital Content Executive

Digital Strategies

Job Description

Do you have a passion to communicate the amazing work of God's growing kingdom and how people can build spiritual muscles of evangelism and discipleship? Do you love good clear writing? Making stories come to life with photos and graphics? Using film to communicate the truths of God's word and the reality of His work in the lives of people?

Use your skills in Communication or Media to make a difference in the lives of followers of Jesus. Let that light shine as people read, listen or watch all around the world.



Digital Strategies

Important info:

Do note that this is a support raising position. You may contact for more information. Looking forward to helping others live a life of significance through Jesus Christ together with you.



  • Conceptualise and strategise creative ideas in digital marketing and online content creation
  • Conceptualise and strategise creative use of social media channels (such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Tik Tok) to reach specific target audiences
  • Assist in execution of content ideas
  • Brainstorm with the Digital Strategies team on creative pathways to develop target audiences and increase engagement
  • Design various digital marketing collaterals using various design softwares



  • At least a Diploma in Marketing/Communications or equivalent

  • Passionate about engaging with people through social media platforms

  • Experience in and familiar with using different social media platforms

  • Speaks and writes English effectively and fluently

  • Knowledgeable and skilled in designing using Adobe Creative Cloud will be an advantage

  • Experience in marketing and/or communications will be an advantage

  • Required to attend bi-monthly Christian fellowship staff meeting sessions and other corporate off-site Christian fellowship meetings

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