Reaching Families (Movie Day Out)

We are a group of mothers who regularly meet together to grow in our spiritual life, marriage and motherhood. Being the leader of this mother’s group, I always had the dream of reaching out to the family members of these group members. During one of our sessions last November, we talked about Building Authentic Relationships with people to whom we want to reach out. In the following month, the Lord amazingly granted us a unique opportunity to briefly share the gospel to the pre-believing daughter of one of the members.

After that incident, one of the mothers was inspired to get all the family members of our group members together to watch the documentary, “Show Me the Father” by Kendrick Brothers, at EagleWings Cinematics right after Christmas. She was passionately desiring to sow the seeds of the gospel in the lives of the pre-believing husbands and children among us. While feeling excited about this opportunity, I was also uncertain about the responses we might get from our invited guests. Would they turn up? Would they stay throughout to watch? Would they react to the gospel message? By faith, we went ahead to book the entire cinema hall.

However, just within two days, all the 32 movie tickets were claimed. And all of us continued to pray for our invited guests and the event. On that day, seven families showed up – 7 mothers, 6 fathers and 19 children. The show invited us to think differently about how we viewed our earthly father, and how we could experience the perfect Heavenly Father who alone determined the core of our identity and life direction. After the movie, my husband and I shared our testimonies on the transforming and redeeming works of the Heavenly Father in our lives despite the limitations of our earthly fathers.

The Lord used the movie to speak to both the Christians and pre-believers among us. Out of which, we were thankful that two teenagers who were struggling with their identity and self-esteem issues paid very close attention to the show. And a number of fathers expressed that they want to be better fathers.

One concern that I had regarding this outreach was that my four-and-a-half-year-old boy might not be able to appreciate the show and therefore insist to leave the cinema hall halfway. How was I to stand before everyone to share the Gospel if my whining son wanted me to bring him out of the cinema hall? True enough, on that day, my boy wanted to stop watching the movie when we were only one-third into it. Even the dinner and snacks we had prepared for our kids did not change his mind. Feeling rather lost and helpless, I prayed in my heart, “God, You’ve got to help my boy to stay.” After my prayer, I saw my little boy walk slowly to my husband and sit quietly and peacefully on his daddy’s lap to watch the rest of the show!

May the Lord, who knows and grants the desires of our hearts for family salvation, continue to grow the seeds that had been sown in these lives and lead our group of mothers to other future opportunities to reach out to them further.

About the Author: Soon Chin Ai is a senior staff of Cru Singapore, who serves with WOW MOM. A mom of 2 young boys, she is extremely passionate about leading people on spiritual retreats.


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