Initiative Evangelism (Digital Way)

Before 2020, WOW MOM used to host physical meetings for Mother’s Day Celebrations. Our purpose was to share the Gospel to our mommy-friends. Since COVID hit our shores, it became impossible to host any of these outreaches. Honestly it was hard to do things differently. We had totally no idea how to do evangelism online.

With many uncertainties, we still wanted to trust God in reaching mothers. In fact, there was greater urgency to reach out to moms. A survey done by Focus on the Family showed that 6 in 10 mothers faced higher stress during the circuit breaker. [1]

We tried various ways. One way we tried was using WhatsApp messages. Last year the WOW MOMs in Toa Payoh ordered Mother’s Day gifts for our mommy-friends. We followed up by sending WhatsApp messages. The leader gave a guide on how we could transit from casual chat to spiritual conversations. We thank God that we reached 16 mothers.

At the same time, the WOW MOMs in Tampines gathered over Zoom for a Digital Day of Outreach. They prayed and started scrolling through their contacts to see who were the non-Christians they could initiate a conversation with. Elizabeth, a WOW MOM, contacted 2 friends back in India. It would not have been possible if it were a physical meeting. We thank God for technology that enables us to reach beyond Singapore. They reached 12 friends.

Although we did not have many spiritual conversations in our two attempts, it is okay as success in witnessing is simply taking the initiative to share Christ and leaving the results to God. We did not wait til our situations improved in order to reach out to others, in the same way as before COVID. We adapted and seized the opportunities!


  1. What did you learn about God and His heart for those who have not known Him?
  2. Browse your friends list. Who are the non-Christians God has placed upon your heart? How about sending a WhatsApp/ Telegram/ DM/ FB message to the person(s)?.
Contact if you need more guidance.


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