Bringing the unchanging Gospel to a changing generation.

We believe there can be different approaches in expressing the gospel such that it connects to the heart level. This may mean creating works that speak of the beauty of our Creator, or bringing music to someone who does not know Jesus, or bringing to life biblical truths visually.

Whether you are an engineer with a flair for drawing, or a musician wondering how your gift and faith could intersect, or someone who loves dreaming up unique ideas and artistically bring them into existence, we’d love for you to be part of this community.

The people behind Creative Ministries.

We comprise artists, musicians, and designers serving in full-time vocational ministry with Cru. Our field ministry includes engaging the larger culture we live in, as well as individual communities of the various disciplines we belong to. This includes working among Creatives – i.e. artists, professional musicians and media professionals.

What we do.

We believe that the gospel is the unchanging and unwavering word of God that is applicable to every man and woman throughout generations. However, we also see the way each generation responds to truth differs. It might mean using a different tact, or perhaps a more visual way to help them understand the gospel message.

In order to do this, we bring the Unchanging Gospel to a Changing Generation by:

  1. Discipling and partnering creatives; and
  2. Creating content that engages culture.

Our Ministries

Forerunner is the music ministry of Cru Singapore. Since 1991, we have been mobilizing missional artists to help fulfill the Great Commission.

We do this by engaging the culture around us through performance events, catalyzing worship within Cru's movements, and training others in music evangelism and worship.

Are you a songwriter, sound engineer, instrumentalist, or vocalist? Do you have skills in marketing or artist management?

There is a place for you in Cru.

Crea is a community of creatives exploring how art and the Christian faith can intersect to transform culture. We believe that art plays an important role in the pursuit of truth, and the artist has the freedom to express it.

Here we want to journey alongside individuals who are both seekers of truth and practitioners of art. Our past activities include discipleship groups, collaborating with both local and international art groups, to organise projects like art exhibitions, art mission trips and talks on art and faith.

So are you currently studying or a graduate from Lasalle, NAFA, NTU ADM? Join us in pursuing God’s heart and transforming culture with God-inspired works that awaken the hearts of men.

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