Poly Survival Kit

No fear! We're here to help!

1. Survival tips!

2. Events and activities to join!

3. Bible-study series!


Please note that SP students are NOT allowed
to partipate in any online video conferencing
meetings for clubs & societies. This is a directive 
from SP Department of Student Development.

If you are a SP freshmen, feel free to connect with
us, and we'll get back to you via email or mobile 
text as communication alternatives.

Seek To Know

"What do you seek?" Jesus asks  in John 1:38. 

As poly term begins, is Jesus whom you seek? It's more fun to learn how to truly follow Him together as a on-campus community!

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Nathan says...

Nathan says...

"While in Cru, I had the opportunity to go for a mission trip in Mongolia. I was quite hesitant at first as it was a step out of my comfort zone... The Monglian Christian students' commitment and attitude in doing God’s will (Matthew 28-18-20) motivated me to do the same when I was there."

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Felicia says...

Felicia says...

"Before joining Cru I was a 'go-to-church' Christian where I merely attended church without a strong faith in God... I'm currently making an effort to read a verse or two per day, and even now, my Cru friends help to keep me in check, ask how I'm doing, and how my walk with God is."


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