Cruising Through Uni with Cru

Cruising Through Uni With Cru Zoom Sound Bites

Here are the audio clips from the hearty interview with Cru seniors, and we hope you'll glean much from their experiences and wise words as you prepare to start uni.

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18 July 2020, Saturday

2.00pm – 3.30pm

“What is the uni culture like? How can I thrive in uni as a Christian? What does Cru offer to help me in all of this?"

Your Cru seniors answer all these and much more!

Event highlights include:

Panel Talk

Hear Cru seniors share how they dealt with their own transitions into university life and sought to be a Christian who happens to be a student (not a student who happens to be a Christian)!

Story Feast

Catch a glimpse of the diverse experiences and opportunities Crusaders get to be part of in their four years with us.


Interact with seniors from your school. Get first-hand info on the Cru activities held on your specific campus, and ask all your burning questions about uni-life there!

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