Cruising Through Uni with Cru

Cruising Through Uni With Cru

A Zoom Party with Cru seniors!

18 July 2020, Saturday

2.00pm – 3.30pm

“What is the uni culture like? How can I thrive in uni as a Christian? What does Cru offer to help me in all of this?"

Your Cru seniors answer all these and much more!

Event highlights include:

Panel Talk

Hear Cru seniors share how they dealt with their own transitions into university life and sought to be a Christian who happens to be a student (not a student who happens to be a Christian)!

Story Feast

Catch a glimpse of the diverse experiences and opportunities Crusaders get to be part of in their four years with us.


Interact with seniors from your school. Get first-hand info on the Cru activities held on your specific campus, and ask all your burning questions about uni-life there!

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