Aspire . Prepare . Explore . X-perience

In-between stages and not sure where to go?

Being asked "What do you want to study?" or "What do you want to work as?"
are tough questions that weigh on us all the more when we don't yet know for ourselves. 



What's next for you?

Waiting to enter Poly, JC and even University sometimes feels like you are in limbo. While we have the freedom of no academic constraints, we also experience a pressure of the unknown that lies ahead of us. As young as we are, we have the weight of our future weighing on our teenage shoulders.

Instead of giving you more to wrestle with, APEX aims to lighten your burden.

  • To help you mentally prepare with more insight into the paths ahead.
  • To create a safe space to explore the possibilities available to you.
  • To experience the world and the various needs around that you might be able to meet.
  • Through all of these, perhaps find a purpose to aspire towards.


Our APEX programmes aim to assist you in navigating these uncertain waters.
We believe that you need to first understand yourself and the world you live in
before you can make these life-decisions with confidence.



We got 6 FREE talks from esteemed working professionals to prepare you for the road ahead. Hear from the people who know the road you're about to take and learn some tricks of the trade


Let's travel for good! Grad trips, family vacations and zipping out of the country for a little R&R are all enjoyable and good. But why not take the opportunity in these few months to also bring a little joy and love to those in need?


Remember all those personality quizzes we took? Now you can take an internationally renowned assessment that helps you understand yourself to build better relationships and narrow down career industries that play on your strengths and give you job satisfaction!

More upcoming events in 2020!

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