About Campus


Hi there, Christian student! What makes for your ideal campus life?

Topping the bell curve? Going on exchange? Maximising your hall life with late night suppers, midnight trainings and overnight HTHTs (heart-to-heart-talks)?

Amid the adrenaline of campus life, how would you like to be able to say, “I made a difference for Jesus on my campus”, too?

The Campus Ministry is a community of like-hearted students with the passion to follow Jesus while helping others find Jesus.

Together, learn to read the Bible through fresh lenses and be exposed to the global reality of missions. The annual equipping conferences are designed to help you talk about your faith to friends and learn how to mentor others to grow in their walk with Jesus, just like you have.

Come as you are. Live the message of Jesus Christ. Reach our world together.


Prayer for the campuses

Take a moment to pray for the campus(es) God has placed on your heart today! Give your “Amen” and stand together in the prayers of all who are seeking the transformation of the campuses, one prayer at a time.

Submit an 'Amen'!

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