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Randolph**, a student of University of San Agustin (USA), was one of the students who attended the Control/Alter/Delete Seminar held in Ikthus Church, Iloilo. Like most of today’s generation, he grew up neglected, unloved and not affirmed by his father. The feeling that his father is not proud of him hangs at the back of his mind.

With this condition at home the door of pornography opened wide for him.  The influence of friends further entrenched the habit until it became an addiction. Pornography became a source of pleasure for Randolph. The irony, though, was that it gave him pleasure on one hand but it produced a lot of guilt feelings on the other.

Somewhere being trapped between enjoying the pleasure and feelings of guilt Randolph became curious about spiritual matters. He decided to study the different religions.  

Then he met Ruth during enrollment. Ruth is one of the CCC student leaders in USA.  Their conversation somehow led him to ask Ruth how one can be free from the addiction of pornography. Ruth invited him to attend the Control/Alter/Delete Seminar held last August 10, 2019.

The speaker of the seminar, Rod Santos, discussed the steps a person has to take in order to recover from the cravings of pornography, exposing the ill effect of porn in the mind, social life and overall wellness of the individual.

While listening, Randolph realized the big responsibility parents have in raising kids. Reflecting, he recognized that by not receiving the love he longed for while growing up and the lack of guidance from his parents led him to be addicted to pornography in the process. He said, “One of my action points is to have self-respect and to respect others. Once you abuse yourself with a vice like pornography, it will eventually affect and damage your thoughts until you lose control. You would in turn influence other people to watch pornography without you being aware of it.” This is what happened to him with his friends who are into pornography.

“Listening to the speaker, I realized that pornography is immoral and evil. I should never influence others to fall into the trap. It must stop”, he added.

Randolph committed to totally stop watching porn. By the grace of God, he has not watch a single porn since attending the seminar. Currently, the staff in the area is connecting with him for discipleship.

*Control/Alter/Delete is a tool to educate people about pornography, its ill effects and help individuals gain freedom from its addiction. The gospel is presented at the end of the seminar.  Ninety two people, various churches and 9 campuses attended Control/Alter/Delete Western Visayas out of which 24 prayed to receive Christ.   

**Not his real name

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