Use Your Skills

Explore how your talents, abilities and gifts could be put to use supporting ministry worldwide.

Project members, interns and full and part time staff are needed with skills in operations, design, digital product creation, videography, finance, writing, and more in regional ministry offices, national ministry offices, our world headquarters, and in overseas settings.

You could invest your talents together with a team in one of these locations to help build the spiritual movements that are supported through these offices. Opportunity to connect with local ministries is included.

Integrate your vocation and ministry in a direct way working with Cru. Come change the world with us.

Regional Office Teams

Every regional office with Cru needs skilled interns and staff who can help advance the local movements.

Explore Operational Roles

You've studied and worked to develop some great business skills that could be used in a Christ-centered office supporting the work of missionaries in the US and the world.

Headquarters Internship

Headquarters interns use their skills alongside our staff teams in a wide variety of disciplines and engage in local ministry.

World Headquarters Opportunities

Discover the exciting variety of work done at our headquarters supporting ministry around the globe!

Preview Weekend

If you're considering using your skills with Cru, you can get a quick experience of that in Preview Weekend at our Orlando headquarters.


International Teachers

Interested in teaching missionary children overseas?