Charleston Summer Mission

Have you ever wanted to spend an entire summer in historic downtown Charleston, SC?   Our prayer is that we would know God and make him known.  If we want to be truly transformed it will be through encountering His character.  

This summer you can do both….

We invite you to be a part of the Charleston Summer Mission, sponsored by Cru. Come and work for the summer in downtown Charleston. (We have a job ready for you in food/tourism industry)  Focus on growing intimacy in your walk with the Lord, be intentionally developd to have a personal ministry and have the most amazing summer of your lifetime!

We’ll be staying in a hotel along the beautiful Ashley River on the penninsula, minutes away from the Battery and the market, within walking distance to the downtown area. There are so many fun sites to visit in Charleston, including 3 great beaches and many historical gardens, plantations and other places.

As far as what you'll learn this summer, you'll learn the following:
-How to walk with God in every aspect of life, and break down the sacred/secular barriors of religion.
- Spend consistent time with the Lord, study the Bible and learn to enjoy Jesus for who he is, not what he can do for you.
-How to share your faith through your personal story, initiate spiritual conversations and relational evangelism.(sharing your faith is one of the key areas in which you will grow in confidence big-time)

-How to lead a small group and also how to mentor younger Christians one-on-one.
-Gain a vision for your worl as God's restorative effort to redeem a broken world.
-Grow in practical theology to learn how to identify idols, grow in repentence, and enjoy freedom in Christ.

Mainly, you'll learn to enjoy Jesus for who he is and respond this summer to him in deeper ways.  Words can't describe what a life-changing summer you'll have.

Ministry Focus Includes:
-We will partner with local churches to share Christ with the community.
-We will do life amoung the university students working in downtown Charleston.
-We will work in the community and share Christ with our co-workers.

Our heart is that you would be transformed by grace through faith in the gospel and your influence would grow as Christ becomes greater in your life. 


Going to the Charleston Summer Mission was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I entered into the summer with fear and hesitation, but left the summer seeing growth within myself that I did not think was possible. Through constant evangelism, newfound friendships and community, and even daily experience in the workplace, I learned how to do all things to the glory of God and how to find joy in Christ in all circumstances.

-Thomas Weaver, 2014

Summer project truly changed my walk with the Lord. Through the incredible staff's guidance and training, I grew personally by learning how the Lord sees me and created me. I was taught how to share my faith, ultimately equipping me to go back to my campus and lead others to Christ. Summer project was one of the best investments I made into my faith, leading me deeper into my relationship with Christ.  

-Catherine Verga, 2013