Alright friends, the moment you have been waiting for, follow-up.

Your first step in followup is to PRAY!

Your Second Step then is to text or call the person and say,

"Hey this is _______ from Fishers HS, one of the student leaders with Cru. I'm so glad that you went to the Maze on Monday, it was definitely awesome! I would just love to meet up sometime after school to talk more about Cru/ The Maze and so on, are you free after school tomorrow? We could meet in the CCA or maybe we could meet at Chick Fil A or something like that?"

(The main point in the text, say you are a student leader with Cru, and YOU say the time and place to meet first, put that ball in your court of picking the time and place)


Your third step is THE FIRST MEETING, it really is just meeting with them and just learn more about them, ask them about their life, what do they like to do, how did they get invited to The Maze, what did they think about it and so on... Then you go into hey I saw that you circled the Green Apple on the back of the card, what was that about?
Then let them explain, and then go into, hey so if you were interested I'd love to just share a little more about what I believe and what Cru believes, would you be up for going over this real quick (Then open the God Tools App on your phone, or explain The Four by drawing the pictures/ or using a bracelet)
The main thing at the end (spirit leading of course) is to get to the last point and ask them if they feel like they made that decision before of ask if they wanted to make that decision today.

Fourth Step, still at the first meeting, is to at the end of your meeting ask if they would be up for meeting for a few more weeks to go over some of the Christian BASICS and to meet up and talk a little more about that. if they ask if they can bring a friend, they usually do say ABSOLUTELY! Then you can use either these Cru Follow-ups or the Thrive Studies Follow-ups (whatever ones you are more comfortable/ have gone through with someone before)